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Monday, November 29, 2010

Pray for Rain in Israel

I heard just a snippet on the radio today about a drought in Israel. I thought I heard it said that tomorrow is a day of prayer and fasting in Israel as called by Jewish rabbis. Home I came to research if this is fact.

Did you know that Israel is in its seventh year of drought? It seems that many Jewish Rabbis are proclaiming that the drought is a result of the many sins of the people (click HERE for example).

I was unable to determine if tomorrow is specifically set aside as a day of prayer and fasting for rain in Israel, but I know the people there are praying for rain. Some even traveled 1000 feet into the air in a balloon to pray (CHECK it OUT). I'm not sure if going up in a hot air balloon gets them closer to God, but I admire their faith and creativity!

I don't know why this radio news story touched me so much or why I can't get it out of my head. It just did. Perhaps this is God moving me....asking you....to pray for rain for Israel.

The news story got me thinking about THIS STORY. Cool, right? You gotta read it for yourself!

The news story also brought to mind a cool, cool song. Now, Southern Gospel is not my favorite genre, and the singers in this video would probably cringe at their 1990 hair and wardrobe, but the message and harmony is pristine nonetheless! Give it a listen!

FB friends click HERE to view the video.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Time to Exhale....


That's the number of posts I published on Read My Thoughts this year. Fifteen. Actually, my sweet TT wrote one of the posts, so I guess the true number is fourteen.

I used to write all. the. time.

Oh, believe you me, I've had plen-tee to write about. The problem was, some of it was so mushy sweet, I was afraid you, my dear reader, might just not be able to take it! Not that I don't have faith in you, but I do believe that sometimes it's just TMI...

It's been a fantastic 2010.

My first month in Kentucky brought more snow than I had experienced in the first thirty-something years of my life. The snow was just beautiful. Snow...not ice...just snow (Alabama friends and family understand my point here!)

February....the month of BLING! Yes, I got engaged. TT and I had been dating almost six months when, on my birthday, we wandered into a jewelry store, I squealed over some bling-bling, and he slapped his checkbook down on the counter. Holy Cow!

March, April, May.....a blur of beautiful bridal showers, trips to Lexington, and late night Internet shopping in preparation for...

June 12...quite possibly the happiest day of my life....my wedding day.

That's a whole nother post...


After our honeymoon in Hilton Head, South Carolina, TT and I returned to Kentucky and began our life as newly weds. I hardly had all of our wedding gifts put away when....

July 20....The Lord dropped the opportunity of a lifetime on my doorstep when we learned there was a little baby boy scheduled to arrive September 15th...he needed a family.

Wow. What a gift.
We were so excited, yet I was afraid to get toooo excited. These things sometimes fall through....

Sept 2, 2010....MTT breathed his first breath around 5:30 a.m. Approximately 6 hours later, I laid eyes on him. A nurse slapped an I.D. bracelet on my right wrist while I held him with my left arm. He was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I've been his mommy ever since.

We struggled with legal red tape for 11 weeks....baby and I staying in Alabama while TT was working in Kentucky during the week and commuting to Alabama each weekend.

Finally, on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, the "powers that be" gave us permission to take the baby out of the state. Thank you, Lord!

So here I am...taking time to exhale.

Both my Sweetheart Baby and little Miracle Baby and sound asleep.

I'm just enjoying the quiet, soaking up the site of our first Christmas tree...not only as newlyweds, but as a little family. Some of the ornaments are TT's old ornaments, some are mine, some were my Mom's, and a couple are new "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments.

I remember a time when I thought all of this was impossible for me.

Was I ever so wrong.

Now, that's hope.
God is so, so good.
TT, MTT, and me on Thanksgiving, 2010, at the home of TT's Aunt Kay in Otisco, IN.