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Friday, July 4, 2008

Wagons and Passies

Zay left us yesterday. He's going to stay with his grandparents until his mommy delivers his baby sister. I've been rather sad about his leaving, but I've been trying to think on the positive things, namely the fact that we will have two newborns in the house very soon!

Sonia and I went to dinner tonight for her birthday. Afterwards we watched the fireworks at Fort Payne then rented a movie. When I came home a little while ago, I noticed Zay's little green wagon on the back doorstep. I could only smile at that little wagon. I'm ashamed to say that I'm glad his grandparents forgot to take it back with him because now I can see it when I go in and out the door and remember sweet Zay. I don't suppose I will be moving the wagon anytime soon. Just maybe, if the Lord answers my prayer with a "yes", Zay will be back with us soon.....he'll be needing that wagon!

Seeing the wagon brought the most surreal memory of my Mother to mind. I remember once after Grayson and Jaxon had been to the house to visit, one of the boys (they could not have been more than four and five at the time) had left a pair of his little underwear on the bathroom floor in the guest bathroom. For days, maybe even weeks, Mom did not move those tiny little "drawers" just because they looked so sweet and reminded her of the sweet little one who had been wearing them.

Funny....in that same bathroom, even now, two years after Mom's death, there is still a passy in the medicine cabinet. Those kids gave up their passies years ago, but Mom just liked to open that medicine cabinet and see a sweet reminder. I can't move it either. Seeing the passy doesn't make me think of the kids when they were babies anymore, now it reminds me of my Mom. She adored those kids.

So sweet. I miss my Mom.

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