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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visit to High Falls State Park

Last Saturday I visited High Falls State Park, a little-known creation in nature that exits right in our back door. It is located no more than 10 miles from the intersection in Geraldine.
I arrived at the park at about 5:30 p.m., about the same time as a grumpy little old man in a Sheriff's car. He quickly informed me that he would be locking the gate at 6 p.m. sharp. I asked him how far the falls were from the parking area and he pointed toward a gravel drive and said "about 150 yards that way". I thought surely I can make it 150 yards, get some good pictures, and get out of this park within 30 minutes.
What he failed to mention was that the trail was 150 yards straight down hill! I got down the hill in about 3 minutes, took just a few pictures, then headed back to my car. I knew it might take me 20 minutes to get to the top of Mt. Fuji! Thank Heavens, I made it just fine and didn't have to sleep in my car until Sheriff Grumpy unlocked the gates the next morning.
High Falls State Park was a good place to visit for the afternoon. You should drive out there sometime, but I suggest you start an intense cardio-fitness routine now to train for that trek back up the hill. It's a doosey, Roger!!!

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