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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family Fish Fry

Neal, Carl Lee, & Jack. Telling Fish Tales? How big was that fish?

Anna, Lexie, Ella, & Lauren.
Today I went to my Uncle Jack and Aunt Pat's house for a family fish fry. The weather was beautiful, a little warm but not unbearable for July in the South. The fish were caught from his pond this morning then fried in the backyard. I really don't like fish, but this fish was really delicious! Way to go Uncle Jack.

I really had an enjoyable time seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's so interesting to just sit and watch all the people, remembering the past and admiring the present.

My "little cousins" who I used to babysit and tote around on my hip are now grown-ladies with husbands, babies, and careers. This family still produces lots of blonde-headed little girls!

Aunt Marie sent us home with "a whole mess" of tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, and potatoes from her garden. Yum. Maybe I'll try to fry us some okra tomorrow.

I noticed that Aunt Myrna has MawMaw's eyes. I wonder if she sees it too when she looks in the mirror....

I noticed 3 cancer survivors who are alive and well.

Dad's brothers and sisters really enjoy each other. Dad is working in New Mexico, so he wasn't at the fish fry, but his brothers insured that he knew just what he was missing as they called him on speaker phone to harass.

Nice day with my family. Can't get much better.

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