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Thursday, March 24, 2011

about some new 'favorite things'

I have some new "favorite things".

It's mostly girly stuff.


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First, some awesome hair product. I apologize to my professional salon-owner friends, but I buy it at WalMart. It's called got 2 b kinkier. It's a curling mousse. And it works. GREAT! I have never been able to do the "scrunch" hairdo...it always makes my hair resemble straw....until now. I wash my hair at night, put it on my wet , and go to bed. I wake up with curly hair. No kidding, girls! I get so many compliments on my new hair!

Next...drumroll please....the Pasta Boat! As Seen on TV! It works! Love it! Cook perfect pasta in the microwave everytime! Dishwasher safe...top rack only! The problem is that my sweet TT and I have started doing the low-carb thing, so pasta is essentially out of our lives. However...you can also use it to steam vegetables which works great too! I bought mine at Walgreens for 9.99.

Finally, my favorite nail polish. It's called Sinful Colors. It goes on so good, and stays on! I think it stays on better than the polish used in professional salon manicures I have recieved. It comes in every color you can imagine...matte, frosty, shimmery, glittery...all of it! The really, really great news is that it's CHEAP! $1.99 per bottle at WalGreens, and sometimes it's on sale for $.99! Can't beat that deal!

This is not a paid advertisement for these products....but that would be nice:)
The end:)

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Hope and Houndstooth said...

i love this idea of your new favorite things. GREAT idea! :)