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Thursday, June 30, 2011

on little purple & pink rosettes...

I don't know if it's completely normal, and I don't know if it's even slightly healthy.


Whenever I'm sick, I miss my Mom.

I've got strep throat. I've not had a good case of strep in more than twenty years, but it's just like I remember it...throat on fire, headache, earache, and backache. Aching legs, aching shoulders. I think even my teeth ache. Nothing tastes good...not that swallowing is even a possibility.

I also remember my mom giving me medicine like clockwork, waking me up at all hours to make sure we didn't miss a dose. You could count on it.

You could count on her.

Sometimes she would even sleep with me. I loved that when I was little.

She's not here.

I wouldn't bring her back from someplace that's far better than any place I could ever imagine, but I neither will I lie...I wish she was here and had never left.

Tonight, I went to my closet to find something warm to put on since the chills are still coming and going.

There it was.

Hanging in the back of my closet was the robe Mom gave me for Christmas one year. It's the prettiest pink with tiny pink and purple rosettes on the sleeves and collar. I don't wear it a lot because it's normally too thick and heavy for my comfort, but I've just never been able to part with it.

I put on the robe, and it was almost like she was here.

I'm glad I never parted with it.

I think I'm feeling better now.

Goodnight, friends.

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