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Monday, January 2, 2012

...on 2,012 things 'to do' in 2012...

We bought our first home a few months ago. I love our sweet 1962 Ranch. When I drive though our neatly manicured neighborhood, I feel like I'm living in "Leave It to Beaver". The homes are modestly well-to-do, inhabited by many from the Greatest Generation who built their homes proudly...sturdy and made to last!

Yes, I love our sweet 1962 Ranch.

It needs some cosmetic work, but that's the beauty of it. I'm learning the value of a little creativity, elbow grease, and the helpful employees at Lowe's...all to make our house a home.

I made a fix-it-up 'TO DO' list for the kitchen soon after we moved into the house. There seemed so much to be done for this house to become a home that I hardly knew where to start. Making that list helped me to prioritize. Proudly, I have finished 4 out of 7 tasks on the kitchen list. The final three will need to wait for warmer weather or for us to save a little money:)

Much like our sweet 1962 ranch, my life needs some work, a little "tweeking" you might say. Some things are rather cosmetic in nature, but others, not so much:) I'm a little overwhelmed with where to start with said tweeking, so a "TO DO" list is in order.

"TO DO List Disclaimer":
The following TO DO List is NOT a New Years Resolution and should not be assumed as such. It is merely a list to help me determine the most important and most-achievable of the 2,012 tasks I would like to accomplish within the next 6 to 12 months:) I choose to purposely exclude diet, exercise, and spiritual disciplines from the TO DO list as these things are true lifestyle changes...not tasks to be checked off a list. Perhaps future blog posts about these lifestyle modifications are in order for the future.

2012 TO DO List....

here we go...

in no particular order...

1. Track every dime we spend for 2 months so we can see where in the world our money is going. (Started this yesterday).

2. Plant some trees in our front yard. This is a little more complicated than it sounds since I know very little about trees. This will require some research on my and TT's part:)

3. Initiate landscaping for the house. I think this might require a few seasons to get it like we want it...but maybe not:)

4. Plant a flowerbed of Zinnias and Dahlias.

5. Potty Train my baby. Holy Cow.

6. Replace our kitchen floor covering.

7. Sell my property in Rainsville, Alabama. This is a 3.9 acre lot in a nice subdivision. In the cul de sac. Partially wooded. Beautiful property! It's paid for, but I would love the have the equity. It doesn't look like we will be moving back to Alabama anytime soon:0

8. Become debt-free except for our mortgage. We are close. Yipeeeee!

9. Learn to sew scrub tops for work.

10. Grow my hair back out and get back to a healthy blonde:) Sorry, Quetta:)

So that's it. The other 2, 002 things to do in my life will just have to wait until next year.

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