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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Who in the world is "Vern"?

This man's name is not Ernest and I doubt he has ever been to camp. As far as I know, he has never been to jail (but parents don't tell their children everything, now do they?)!

That's Dad and me. We went for a little 5K walk Wednesday morning, and this video is his post-walk report. He failed to mention that he about killed me...I just about couldn't keep up with his long skinny legs! I think I took two steps to his every one! Nevertheless, I'm pleased with our time...just under 50 minutes if you didn't catch that in the video (ehem..cough, cough). If you've ever climbed what I call "Chavies Mountain", you will know that time is not too shabby!

Fun times!

Speaking of fun times, tomorrow I plan to lay by the pool and swim with my 4 favorite kiddos...Lauren, Savannah, Jaxson, and Grayson. Stay tuned for a swimming update. I'm sure some form of drama or excitement will develop within the next 24 hours!

Oh...don't forget about the Freedom Fest 5K Fun Run/Walk in Rainsville on Saturday, June 27. You can download a registration form at rainsvillealabama.com.

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Jane Malone-Waldrop said...

Way to go Vern!! Your daughter has such a gift for inspirational writing. Myrna told me to read her blog and I do on a regular basis. My favorite is "on One Woman's Rite of Passage"...I loved Wilma so and that one made me cry. Keep up the good work Theia!