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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Luv us some Bling!

Sometimes you just gotta get away. Even if it's only for a few hours.

Last night seven ladies piled up in Mrs Renee's vehicle and headed to the big town. We enjoyed a some PF Chang's and a lot of giggling.

To my knowledge, nobody cried. Unusual, I suppose, for a group of this many ladies. Friends. Sisters. Ok, now I'm about to cry! Not really.

We all had on our bling-bling shoes just like we liked them. Toes painted and shiny!

You like???


Anonymous said...

Love Them! Shay

Anonymous said...

Do we win a prize if we can pick your foot out? I think your foot is the one in the light blue pants! Just for the record, I wanted to get my guess in first if you do run a contest! Just messing with you!

Glad you had a great day1

Doris H.

TheiaC said...


Nope! I'm @ 6 o'clock!

That would have been a great contest though! We're having a baby Tuesday (if mother nature doesn't bring him first), so I foresee a contest in the near future!