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Sunday, October 18, 2009

sure could use a lil good news...

I think everyone should, at least once, sit under the teaching of my Sunday school teacher, Mr. Keith Williams. I love to remind him that he has been my teacher off and on since I was in 9th grade...yes, that's right... for approximately 2o years, Mr. Keith has been my Sunday school teacher. There's a reason I keep going back...he's good. He's always prepared. He's interesting.

Over the last year, Mr. Keith has periodically brought in stories of Good News that he comes across during the week. Sometimes the Good News stories are directly related to the lesson for that day, sometimes not, but the Good News stories are always uplifting and encouraging. It's nice to hear a little good news, right?

If you frequent the network or cable news channels, you already know that Good News is a rare thing in our culture. Take the missing-child-in-a-helium-balloon-story, for example....what seemed like Good News initially when it was discovered that the child was safe and sound, turned out to be a hoax. Well-meaning Americans who followed the story, praying for the child and his family, were essentially conned. It's no wonder when I hear Good News, I wonder if it's just too good to be true.

On a little side-note...I ran across THIS Good News story today. Check it out sometime....

Anyway...back to my point...

Something happened to me this week that really got inside my head, causing me to think about the basic things in life. See, on Tuesday morning I met my good friend Gequetta at the gym...




5:30 AM-bright-and-early to be exact.

We finished up our workout around 6:45. By the time I drove back down the mountain, stopped for gas, and treated myself to my favorite coffee at Kangaroo's gas station, it was a little after 7 AM. I had to meet Alice and Jen for our Tuesday morning staff breakfast at The Strand downtown at 8, so I decided rather than going all the way home I would park at The Strand and wait for them.

Guess what happened next. Yes, you guessed it. While I was waiting on Alice and Jen to get there, my eyes got sleepy. That's what my niece Lauren, now almost 16 years old, used to say as she fought sleep riding in her car seat, "my eyes are sleepy".

There's nothing wrong with a little power nap after a 5:30 am battle with the stairmaster, right? Right! So I in my little Honda Accord just reclined back the driver's seat and headed off to the funny papers.



Though my blurry vision and foggy brain, I saw two of the cutest little old men you have ever seen banging on my window. With concerned and curious eyes, the shorter of the two said to me as he peered inside my car, "Are you ok?". Awwww! They were worried that something was wrong!!! How Sweet!

I laughed.

I explained.

I embarrassed.


Alice and Jen arrived within mere minutes of The Great Awakening, and when we waltzed in the local ROMEO club (Retire Old Men Eating Out), it felt as if all eyes were on me and my half-up-half-down-i-just-took-a-nap-inside-my-car-ponytail. All I knew to do was wave and smile. The ROMEO club went silent for a moment as some smirked and waved, then I'm sure, they continued with whatever it is they discuss each morning over coffee and eggs over-medium.

How good was that? I ask you! Just tell me!

When was the last time someone took a break from their morning coffee and gravy biscuits to check on your health and safety?

More importantly, when was the last time you (or I) interrupted your schedule, routine, or train of thought to be kind to another person? That's real love. We can say it all day long, but until we do it, it's only words.

Good News! There are people in this world who will take a few extra steps to help another person.

I think it's no news flash that those gentlemen happened to be of The Greatest Generation...I'm not surprised. That's just how they roll!

It's my goal this week to be the Good News to others.

To be Love.

To be Real Love.

To be Christ's Love.

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