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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Brad Paisley

Dear Brad Paisley,

I came to your concert on Friday night. Oh my, what a great show you have! You sound as good in person as you do on the radio!

I had to travel about an hour to get there from my house, but that's ok- TT was driving! We were a little late so we didn't get to see the opening act...Justin Moore, whoever that is:) Boy O Boy was it raining cats and dogs. Furthermore, there was a detour in the highway and neither TT nor I knew where in the world we were going.

But anyway, back to the concert. The second act, Miranda Lambert, was ok. I would have rather you just skipped her and you have done the whole concert yourself.

Your video graphics and lights were FANTASTIC!

You are just so cute! I'm giggling like a 14 year old even as I type this.

I think I love you more today than I did yesterday, Brad.

I wanted to take my camera to your concert so that just in case you called me up on stage, or especially if you invited me backstage, I could ask someone to take our picture together. PLUS...I wanted to put the pictures on my blog for my friends and family to enjoy. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera because I was just soooooo excited about coming to the concert. Oh well...I probably would not have been able to take it in anyway. There were security guards checking for stuff...I even had to pull up the pants legs for him to check....my camera has a good zoom, so the would have likely confiscated it.

I found this good video of the concert on youtube, so I guess my friends and family can watch it. It shows clips from the whole concert.

If you ever come through Somerset, KY, please call me. I will bake you a cheesecake or something.

Very Truly Yours,

FB friends click HERE to watch the video:)


Doris said...

So glad you enjoyed the Brad Paisley concert!

Did TT enjoy it as much as you enjoed it?

Bethy said...

I have the same crush for Keith Urban, Tommy loves it when I pretend he's singing to me. Maybe love is a bit strong for what he feels when I pretend another man is in love with me, but whatever.

Glad you had a great time!