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Saturday, January 16, 2010

end of the era....falling hard into the next:)

I'm learning that one good thing about getting older is that things that would have seemed really BIG years ago just seem like another page in the book now. After you experience one life change after another, I suppose you just come to expect the twists and turns in the storyline of your life.

You learn to accept it. Go with it. Grab on tightly to the good and bad as it unfolds. If you are brave, you learn to love the suspense of the Great Epic which is your life, enjoying each unique era, and anticipating the future with hope.

I feel like the end of an era in my life-story is upon me.

All the snow has melted now. Almost all of my boxes are unpacked. I've even stocked my kitchen with most of the necessities. The electricity, water, and garbage companies have all received their deposits and the bills will come to my mailbox...with my name on them...oh what joy! I've already received my first bill. The Move to Kentucky is done.

These are the last couple of days before I begin the new era. Tuesday marks its beginning when I start a new job in a new place. I'm very hopeful that this will be a positive chapter in my life.

I'm also settling in to this new "Era of TT"....that's the whole reason I moved to Kentucky, right? To check this man out. To see what he's all about. To determine if he's really a dirtbag gentleman or not. To acquire information about his character.

I discovered a little bit of his character last night.

My Sweet TT took me out to dinner (Mexican, it was very good). Afterwards I wanted to peruse through a store in the same strip-mall as the restaurant...he agreed without a word. Then I wanted to go to WalMart....again he agreed without as much as a sigh, huff, or puff. When we got back to my apartment, he grabbed the bags to bring them inside as I went ahead to unlock the front door.

After I got the door unlocked, I looked back just in time to see Sweet TT, with both hands full of WalMart bags, fall sideways, seemingly silently and in slow-motion, from the driveway into the yard. Not a even a grunt came from of his mouth. I stood there frozen with my mouth wide open for what felt like an eternity!

I knew that fall had to have hurt.

"Are you okay TT?" I finally uttered, my feet still glued to the front porch. By that time he was back on his feet, WalMart bags still in hand, on his way into the house.

He evidently was okay.

Then I lost it. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I tried to stop laughing, but I just couldn't. I mean, it was Obnoxious Laugh. I'm-afraid-i'm-gonna-wet-my-pants-laugh. "What hahahahahaahaha....What hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa Waaahhahahaahah.....What...Happened???" was the best I could get out of my mouth!

Poor Guy! He had escorted me around like Queen Ann all night, was bringing my bags into the house, fell while doing so, and all I could do was laugh! Laugh Hard!!!

Sweet TT just chuckled. He let me laugh. He even laughed a little.

Character....TT's got the good kind. I learned he doesn't take himself too, too seriously.

Yes, he's got character.

Me....not so much!

"I'm gonna let you put those groceries away by yourself," he said slyly.

The joke was on me I suppose....

I guess he had had enough...


Yes, the former Era has come to a close, and a new one has begun. Sounds like it's gonna be a fun one. I can't wait to see what's next...


Bethy said...

OH MY GOSH - that is almost as funny as your busting the big ball story. Has he heard that Theia? Maybe, just maybe he needs to!

TheiaC said...

Bethy...TT read almost every post on my blog before we ever met. So, yes, he read that story too. Everytime he sees one of those balls he reminds me of the time i busted one....like I will ever forget it!