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Sunday, February 7, 2010

...that's why i'm so goofy...

Today TT and I attended church at First Baptist Somerset. We were greeted by some friendly greeters at the front door who automatically recognized that we were visitors. Then we were greeted my more nice usher-people who gave us the bulletin.
We walked into the large sanctuary and searched out a place to sit as people were obviously filing in from their Sunday school classes. We found a seat and sat. I began to glance around the place, admiring the beautiful sanctuary with its pipe organ and stained glass windows. Then I noticed something else....except for the nursing home where I work, I've never been under the same roof with so many senior citizens in my whole life.
Yes...I began to count the canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. I'm serious ya'll! I'm glad that God knows the number of hairs on our head...there were so many gray hairs there that I could not begin to count them. After a few "it's nice to have you" greetings and a couple of strange looks, TT looked at me as said, "We stick out like a sore thumb." Yes. Yes indeedy. We sure did. Eventually there were some younger people who came into the large sanctuary, and I felt less conspicuous.
There was this one lady sitting in front of us. I apologize that I don't remember her name (not that I would post it here on my blog anyway), but when she introduced herself to TT and me, I was too taken aback by her perfume to catch her name. I can't really say her age...maybe in her late sixties. She had her gray all covered with her platinum dye, and she had her curly hair-piece up on top of her hair just like she liked it. Now please don't misunderstand...I'm all about having my hair like I like it too, especially on Sundays, but I just want you to get the visual here....short, elderly woman with her platinum-blond bottle-job accentuated with a curly hair-piece, cooridnating sweater, blouse, skirt, necklace, earrings, and bracelet in burnt-orange, walking cane in her right hand, and big purse in her left.
Initially, she just said "Are you new?" She introduced herself politely and welcomed us kindly, then she stopped almost every person who walked past her to engage them in conversation. Awww, people love her I thought to myself.
The service started. The pipe organ boomed as the congregation sang out We have heard the joyful sound! Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves! I was digging it.
Next, a man from behind the pulpit asked the congregation to stand for the Presenting of the Colors by the Boy Scouts. Interesting I thought to myself. The sanctuary was quiet as everyone waited for the scouts to come through the back door with the flags. Awkward delay. Crickets, crickets. Obviously the boy scouts were a little late.
In the meantime, sanctuary still quiet, the lady says to me "Do you live in Somerset?" She kept talking, and I don't even remember what she said. I just knew the boy scouts were walking down the isle with the American Flag. We were supposed to be quiet and reverent and the lady kept talking to ME!
I must have had an uncomfortable expression on my face because she went on to announce, loud and clear, "I'm sorry! I've had a stroke! That's why I'm so goofy!"
Bless her heart!
Sweet little lady. Loud, but sweet!
That's why I'm so goofy!
I love it!
I act goofy sometimes too....at least this little lady has a reason. I don't know why I act goofy sometimes.
When the service had concluded, the lady patted me several times and encouraged me to come back again.
Just so you know, we did enjoy the service, and we plan to go back.
They have a contemporary worship service at 9 a.m. in a different sanctuary. I think we'll go to that service next week!


Anonymous said...

i think that you have got some issues

Anonymous said...

also i think that you need to stop thinking about goofy and do something better with ya life