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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

holy crap, Marie!

Sometimes you meet someone and they just "get you".

That's how it was from the time we met. My friend Jennifer and me, that is. We both used to work at Jackson County Nursing Home, and we just clicked from day one. During my first week at work, we went to lunch at yummy Kim San (Chinese, yum), and I remember clearly responding to something she said with "Holy Crap, Marie!" Well, she just laughed and laughed at my reference to Frank and Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. From that day forward, she has been the nosey "Marie" and I have been the crabby "Frank".

We've both moved on from JCNH, but we very much stay in touch. She's busy with hubby, kids, and working as an occupational therapist, but she's never too busy to shoot a random 'sup Frank? text message my way! I will usually respond with something like bout to pull my hair out Marie!

Marie is a cancer survivor. In fact, she celebrated her 5 year cancer-free milestone last June. She was so supportive and encouraging of me when I had my little bout with cancer, and I am so, so thankful to have had my Marie!

It appears that the ugly c _ _ _ _ _ has reared its ugly head in her life again recently. We are both mad as fire (Imagine the southern slang "far," please, rather than "fire" if you want to get the full effect of exactly how angry we are!). I just want to punch somebody and scream #%*!!^$@#!!!!! But the good thing is, I know my Marie is a strong woman with strong faith, she has a very supportive family, and a fantastic life. She's beaten worse than this before!

I feel strongly in my heart that Marie is going to be just fine. I just know.

On a lighter note... I had lunch with my Marie today. As a toast to a good lunch with a good friend, I think we should all enjoy a little Frank & Marie Barone...listen for Frank's signature line!!!


K. Tilley said...

Laughing my head off!! I miss that show. Prayers go out to your good friend Marie.

Deedra said...

That Frank! I still laugh and laugh at that show! "I'm in enough pain"...LOL!

I am praying for your "Marie". She sounds like a wonderful strong woman. I pray that she beats the "holy crap" outta the C word!!

Jenn (Marie) said...

Oh, Frank!! You never fail to leave me laughing!! Especially today when stupid cancer seems to be ruling every thought and action!! Thanks as always for bein such a good friend!