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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I know I'm simple, but...

Sometimes I just can't believe that there are people out there who actually spend their time reading my thoughts. I mean, seriously...sometimes my posts are just lame. I know.

I will confess that about most things, I am rather simple. This is precisely why I steer clear of writing too much about my political preferences. I have my thoughts and opinions, typically very conservative, but I just don't really feel informed enough to just put it all out there.

I just have one thought-slash-question about our current political-elephant-in-the-room...

What exactly does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 mandate? I mean, really? I've googled it. I've Fox'ed it. I've CNN'd it. There are many summaries out there, lots of opinions...haters and lovers. But I can't find an actual copy. What am I missing here?

THIS is about the closest thing I can find to actually learning exactly what is going on here. 1588 pages???? Seriously??? My Chronological Bible has about 1600 pages in it, and this includes the introductory info and indexes in the end. The Bible!!! God's story from eternity to eternity!!! Is this piece of legislation really that deep?

Is is just me, but for some reason, I have a sneaky suspicion that nobody has read it. Probably not even President Obama himself! Can his blackberry even contain nearly 1600 pages of data? By the looks of the Dem vs. GOP voting record for this bill, the congressmen had a clearly laid out plan for voting, so I suspect their time has not been spent pouring over the details of this huge bill but rather yukking it up with their cronies, plotting and planning their united (or maybe ununited is more appropriate) front for voting day.

Today on the Rick & Bubba Show, I heard a discussion of some of the projects which could possibly be funded by this Act. You can review some of the projects HERE , then evidently, you can cast a vote for each project as to whether or not you believe this project to be critical in regards to the needs of the people and the effect the project will have on our economy. There are some doosies listed, let me tell you.

Even this "StimulusWatch" website is incredibly overwhelming and difficult to understand. I have a Master's degree, for Heaven's sake. I've read more scientific research articles in my time than I care to recall, but I can't comprehend what I'm reading on this site.

PLUS...who on earth does anything with my "StimulusWatch" vote. That vote seems meaningless to me...almost as if the government has put this "transparent" website out there to appease me, to make me feel as if my voice is being heard, to make me feel as if I am "in the know" of what's happening with our tax dollars... I don't mean to sound paranoid, but...

I'm recalling the days of working in long-term-care when we would allow our little old Alzheimer's ladies to sort socks and fold dish towels...little did they know that they were sorting the same half-dozen pair of socks over and over...but they were appeased. That's sad and cold, I know, but it's true....and that's exactly how I feel when I try to educate myself about this new law.

Here are some suggestions, America...

  • Do not put your hope in a piece of legislation

  • Live within your means

  • Teach your children the meaning of a strong work ethic

  • Utilize government entitlement programs only when necessary, for the shortest period of time necessary rather than generationally

  • Families, take care of your family members

  • Stop with the frivolous lawsuits

  • Humble yourself

  • Pray

  • Repent

  • Seek Christ

...maybe easier said than done...

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Anonymous said...

You know that those long pages the politicians put together is so that you do NOT read through and if you did, the wording is to confuse. It's unfortunate, but instead of going by the WORD of GOD they come up with their own agenda....