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Monday, February 9, 2009

step aside, Globetrotters!

I wish that i knew how to attach sound to my blog posts. I will work on that....but in meantime, just whistle the Globetrotter's themesong, Sweet Georgia Brown, while you read this post.

Saturday I watched my nephews Jaxson (4th grade) and Grayson (3rd grade) play some basketball. I know I might be a little biased in this matter, but these little guys are quite the little athletes. Grayson is the steady and controlled Point Man and Jaxson is a rebounding maniac at Post. I shouldn't fail to mention that they have a fantastic coach who I call Brother.

Early in the 4th period, Jaxson jumped head and shoulders above the rest to get the ball. The next thing I knew, some little kid got his feet all tangled up with Jaxson's, Jaxson fell backward, and he hit his head on the gym floor. It echoed throughout the gym like thunder, and you could just hear the whole crowd inhale. I just knew that little guy had cracked open his skull. It took him a second to get up, but he did get up.... with a big goose egg on his noggin.

I talked to Brother yesterday, and he said Jaxson is doing just fine now!

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aunt kat said...

How fun was that? Looks like you hava a lot good games to see for a long time. Enjoy every one of them just like I did, when I was getting to watch all of my kids play and march and cheer.