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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Like Skype!

I like Skype.

How else could I talk to my former exchange student from Germany today, for 24 minutes, face-to-face, for FREE!!!

The whole web-cam concept is a tad creepy, though isn't it? It's like my image (and voice) is captured in real time, transmitted via a wire into the wall of my house, and within mere seconds lands on a computer screen in Germany! GET OUTTA HERE!!! FAR OUT!!!

I totally DIG IT, though! Don't you?

For anyone who might remember Alina...she seems to be doing great. She has her own "flat" near the "university". She stays there during the week and travels a short distance back to her mother's home on the weekend. She has about a year left of learning at the university before she will have her Bachelor's....the she plans to get her Master's. From what I can decipher, her degree is in communications/marketing/business....something of that nature.

She has a boyfriend, Chris. He is 31, but according to Alina, he doesn't look or act that old. They met at the restaurant where she works as a waitress and he worked as a bartender. He has since finished college and has moved a distance away, so she only gets to see him on the weekends.

When Alina lived with me, she was just dying to get her driver's license. See, in Germany, one is not eligible for a driver's license until age 18. Even then, it is very expensive, and I think you must take an actual driving course prior to being issued the license (perhaps that's one lesson we could learn from our German brothers and sisters, no?).

So today, I asked Alina if she ever got a car. She just cracked up, I tell ya! Yes, Alina does have a car. Her grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, so Alina inherited her car. Evidently, the car is a most unattractive and memorable shade of blue as Alina told me that everybody recognizes her blue car. She proceeded to draw me a picture of the car and held it up in front of her webcam so I could see it...it looked like a tiny VW or something. She said it's very small, unlike American cars, and that her head touches the ceiling! She just laughed and laughed, but also said the car was just fine for her.

Oh, meeeee..... that girl is something else.


I like Skype.

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by-HIS-Grace said...

I remember Alina. Little car make sense, watch some of the videos of the roads and traffic for parking and you see what I mean.
Neat, well I am not up to skype myself. Still like the old fashioned phone without a webcamera - privacy less invaded.