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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Queen Mum, lend me your ear...

For my Generation X'er peeps out there! Can you feel me???

If I complain about the Queen of England, will HE come visit me? That would be a dream come true, no? That Prince William--he's a cutie! That's fo' sho'!!!

Perhaps I should gripe about the time I was sick on my 30th birthday. My good friend Gequetta and I had concerts tickets to see Him (if you can believe that--- but it's true, I promise!), but I was too sick to go. If I whine loud enough, maybe he would come for a visit, or at least refund my ticket price! That would come in handy about now!

Quetta and I also went to see HIM, but he looked more like THIS. Now, that was a fantastic concert, it was! No complaints whatsoever! I've loved him since the 8th grade, and I will always will!

Another time, we saw Him in concert with Him. At first I wasn't looking forward to seeing the old guy, but he turned out to be fabulous! Braids and all!

Now here's something I'll complain about...I've never, ever heard this arrangement! Who's been holding out on me! I mean, seriously! I'm pitchin' a fit. Kicking and screaming because this is not on my ipod!

JonJonBonBon...do you hear me crying? Seriously...if the Queen Mum can send her grandson, perhaps you could at least send Richie with an autographed pic, right?


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