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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

indescribable timing...

I love Wednesday nights.

Band practice at church.

I just love it.

I am fortunate to be a singer with an awesome group of people. I feel out of my league most of the time, but still, I look forward to practice. Easily every musician in the group could be working professionally in Nashville or on Broadway, but I am so thankful they choose to use their talents for God here at home. They are incredibly talented, yet equally humble.

Band practice is just plain fun for me. Tonight, for example, we got so tickled about something during practice that I wet my pants just a little bit. Sorry people...I know that's a lot of personal information, but it happens to everybody sometimes. I soooo needed a good hard laugh. It was wonderful.

Here's something even more wonderful that happened tonight. God showed up. Now, don't get me wrong. I know He's everywhere, always. I know He created everything and it's through Him that we live and breathe. Sometimes, however, I believe that God just loves us so much that He would bless us with His presence in an unmistakable and rather humorous way.

We were working on the Chris Tomlin song Indescribable. I had a brilliant idea after we sang the second verse which begins with the lines "Who has told every lightening bolt where it should go?" I look over at David, one of the fantastic keyboardists, and ask if he can make a thunder-sound with his key board. "Yes," he said as he began to press buttons.

"When we sing the part about lightening in the second verse, you should make it thunder really loud," I said.

David began to experiment with the "thunder" on the keyboard as we all ooh'd and aaah'd. We started the second verse again, and David "thundered" at the perfect time. It was so loud and deep that the walls of the sanctuary seemed to rattle. We all had chills, I tell ya.

We stopped singing for a minute. David tried to replicate the sound, but could not do so. "I don't think that was me," he said.

In a few minutes, we heard another huge crash of thunder as the rain came pouring down outside. It was almost like God said to us, you want thunder, I'll give you thunder! You could never imitate ME with your little keyboard!

I just love it! What perfect timing God has. The thunder came almost on cue and it was so beautiful it gave me chills. Perfect, perfect timing it was!

I think of the occasions in scripture when it seemed God demonstrated His perfect timing. Countless times with the Hebrews with the Exodus. What about Jesus' first miracle in turning the water into wine? The raising of Lazarus? Raising of Jesus from the dead on the 3rd day just as was prophesied?

That comforts me when I worry...God will work it (no matter what it is) at the most perfect time.


by-HIS-Grace said...

It is always perfect.

Anonymous said...

absolutely WONDERFUL Theia.

CUZ said...

I like it when HE "shows off" too!

Chad said...

We dont know each other, but I came across your blog from your Neti-Pot post. My wife just got back with mine ... hope it goes well hehe.

BUT!!! Your post is awesome

Jesus bless you and your worship team!