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Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude Day 2: DO THE TROT!

Well, just so you know, I've been having internet and computer problems, so I'm a little behind on my 7 days of gratitude...but I'll catch up.

On Thanksgiving Day, I participated in my first ever Turkey Trot which is a 5k run/walk (walk in my case) to benefit the science club at Plainview School. I believe I heard someone say there were about 160 participants. My good friend Nicole ran the race and actually won first place in her age division, 41 to 50.

I'm really thankful to be able to walk. Having worked with handicapped people for quite some time, I know there are many people born without the potential of ever taking a step. Some people's bodies are just plain worn out and are unable to walk like they would like to.

What's amazing to me are the people who in fact can't walk but continue to live, work, smile, and laugh. I know of a lady in who became paralyzed from the waist down when her home was destroyed in a tornado. She functions daily in a wheelchair and actually went on to give birth to TRIPLETS! Wow.

I think I have nothing to whine about today...

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Deedra said...

You Go Girl! I thought about you yesterday morning, and said a prayer that you'd be raring to go! I hope you had fun!

I used to work with the lady you spoke of with the triplets. Well, I worked with her pre-triplets, but post tornado and she is one of the most awesome, inspiring, and Funny people I have ever met! I'll have to tell you stories of things we used to do from the second floor windows at the hospital! LOL!

Have a great weekend!