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Friday, April 17, 2009

Empty Nest

My little baby birds flew away today.
Erica and baby Aubriana moved today to be near the baby's family. I miss them already. That just goes with the territory, I suppose.
Erica has already sent text messages to keep me posted. They got there safely and all is good.
Yes, they were our only residents here at TWH, so that means I am alone in this big ole house. I plan to use this time without girls to have a deep Spring cleaning.
Barclay and Gilbert are begging to come in and sleep with me so I won't get lonely.
I told them no.
Goodnight, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Where is Arabia?
Anyone coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Erica is such a sweetie! I truly enjoyed meeting her and her new addition! I know you are so sad to see her go! Please have her to keep everyone posted and updated with pictures! God Bless her and good luck to her! We are thinking of her and pulling for her!