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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Icing of the Tulips

I heard talk of snow.
I didn't listen.
I didn't buy milk.
I woke up surprised.
I hope the pretty tulips pull through.
April 7.
In the Deep South.
Global warming?


Anonymous said...

we've been wondering about that all winter. Friends in different parts of the world are reporting the longest and hardest winter on record.
I like the Icing of the Tulips, they should however survive this. My peachtree in bloom however may be not.

Marie said...

Wow cool pics!!! But were u SERIOUSLY up at 744 in the morning taking pics of tulips?? I have this picture of you in my head with a flannel nightgown and horrible slippers snapping pics of tulips!!!

TheiaC said...

Marie...girl, I had already been up, to the gym, and back before taking the pics! A flannel nightgown and slipperswould have been GREAT, but I think I was actually in sweats and New Balance!

Doris H. said...

What gorgeous pictures!

Take care. Happy Easter!

Mrs. H