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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris Gray!!!

Happy Birthday to my good friend Chris Gray on Tuesday! Chris is a professional musician who has recently retired from the business. Now he works in his auto body shop full time. He faithfully works with the lights and sound at church. Sunday night, he hosted his own birthday bon fire at his house. It was a great party! I hope this day marks the beginning of a most perfect year for sweet Chris Gray!

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shehalljow said...

Aww...Happy Bday Chris Gray! I saw you spent part of the week in my old stomping area while I went further south. I have to say we safely navigated and avoided undertows!!! I can honestly say when the waters got a little choppy I had a little chuckle rem'bring you! The beach was great but I missed my friends-missing church really messes you up! Keep trucking and keep getting healthy...I am proud of you. At least you are diligent in the walking...I make sure my kids are! Now if I could only be as disciplined with myself...oh, all the hang-ups!
Love you!