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Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the debate...

I don't' know who won. I've already turned off the television before the pundits begin their rants. But here's my initial thoughts, observations, and questions...

  • It's no secret or surprise who was more comfortable in their own skin during this debate. But I don't really care who was the most comfortable to be honest. It seems to me that for a person to be completely confident in such serious issues, there may exist an unteachable, closed, and rather reckless core character issue. The incredible honor and responsibility that encompasses the position of POTUS and VP should cause the potential candidate to tremble at times, in my humble opinion.
  • Both candidates quoted lots of "facts", perhaps Biden more so than Palin, and both seemed to do a good job of blowing the whistle on the other ticket. I will be interested to hear within the next week just how many facts will be proven or disproved (is disproved actually a word?).
  • NEWS FLASH: The candidates are fundamentally different, not unlike their presidential running mates. Big Surprise, right? Is this election in the hands of the "undecided" population? Who are the "undecideds" anyway?
  • Palin seemed to be a promoter, partner, and encourager-of and believer-in McCain. Biden seemed to use OBama as more of a .... I don't know the word I'm looking for...perhaps as a means to an end in his personal agenda.
  • Did anybody hear when Palin called Biden "OBiden"? I know it was a slip of the tongue, but that was funny to me.
  • I still love Palin's shoes...I believe I saw red high heels again!
  • That nappy hair on Biden's neck still grosses me out. I repeat, haircut dude!
  • Piper Palin is still my favorite little kid.

That's all I've got on this pitiful post....

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