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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can do anything Sandra can do...BETTER:)

OK...I'm just gonna say it.

I had to search my heart deep and wide.

Do I have what it takes to face the challenges that will surely come?

Do we, TT and I, have what it takes?

Is it fair to the child? I mean, really? What will it be to be an African-American boy being raised by two old white nerds? TT and I aren't getting any younger, you know.

I searched my heart, and found a resounding YES!!!!

Yes we do, through Christ who strengthens us, that is. But I have to admit, on a much more spiritual note (ehem), my buddy-ole-buddy-ole-pal Gequetta gave me the vote of confidence that settled it all. I distinctly remember the steamy July evening, sitting in my lawn chair along the side of Hwy 27 watching the Somerset Cruise-In (a whole nother post for a whole nother day!), texting back and forth with Gequetta, bouncing my thoughts off of my friend regarding the whole race-thing. Finally she said...you can do anything Sandra Bullock can do.

You are so right, Quetta I thought! And that was that!

A funny thing happened today. Waiting in a most lengthy line at Wal-Mart, I realized my baby had been the subject of some ladies' attention when a Wal-Mart worker came up to me, joyfully declaring...

"We finally figured out who that baby looks like!"

"Who?" I couldn't wait to hear this....

"Sandra Bullock's baby, Louis!"


"Well, I will just go home and GOOGLE him for myself to see what he looks like!"

I did GOOGLE lil Louis....

You can decide for yourself...

MTT...Meet Louis...

I might can see it a little bit:)

Oh, and by the way....

About the whole race-thing...

I don't care if my baby grows up to be blue and red polka dotted! Yes, his race is different than mine, a fact that may create some challenges, but it's not better or worse. TT and I are not at all concerned with his race, but we are concerned with his character. We will do the best we can to teach our baby right from wrong, encourage him to appreciate his heritage, pray for the Lord's wisdom and help, and hope we handle the challenging times in a way that helps MT to grow up to be a man with impeccable character.

Isn't that what parents do...regardless of race.

Yeah, that's right!

Thanks, Quetta!

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findingpiece said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, too cute!! :)