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Monday, December 27, 2010

rerun: on keeping it real:)

I initially started my blog when I was the house mom at The Way Home, a faith-based maternity home for teen moms. In the beginning, I blogged because it was a free hobby. My salary at TWH was sufficient, yet minimal, so the whole blog-thingy was an excellent hobby...free..:)

Eventually I found writing to be an excellent outlet for expression of the thoughts, feelings, ideas that I didn't necessarily have an ever-open ear to tell. The great part was that no one was forced to listen to the quirky stories or mundane details that were my life...anyone who read, read because he wanted to.

The greatest part of blogging....it was my stage for keeping it real. I mean real. There are just some things I can't necessarily verbalize, but I can write. Sometimes it's sad and sappy, sometimes informative, and sometimes plain-ole-embarrassing. Through my blog, I've learned to just be who I am. I love keeping it real.

THIS RERUN is just that...one of the posts where I kept it real, girls. I am who I am, and perhaps this is TMI. Fun stuff from the days at The Way Home...

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