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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Trey

My little cousin Tiffany, who in my mind is still in first grade carrying a Little Mermaid lunchbox that I bought her for her birthday, is all grown up. In fact, she's a mommy now.

I received these photos today from Baby Trey's new proud papa, and I just can't resist posting them.

I hope my cousins across the country enjoy the pics...especially the very last one. It looks as if one of the uncles snuck his way into the nursery!!! No, not really! I think the way the story goes, Uncle Jack was actually the privileged one the get the first look at the baby...Daddy brought the baby out a different door than everyone expected...near where Jack was waiting.

1 comment:

aunt kathy said...

You did a great job sharing the good news for us. And of course, he is just beautiful.