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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where's my Christmas Spirit? I KNOW I didn't!

Last night my friend Gequetta and I had planned to meet for dinner then go see the movie that's all the rave "Twilight". I had a few minutes to kill before I was supposed to meet her, so I decided to browse around in Dollar Tree.

See, I'm on a mission. I'm planning a very special event for late January and I found something just perfect that I've been looking for in Dollar Tree of all places. Over in the Christmas decorations they had these huge, clear and iridescent snowflakes. I had to have them and there weren't many left. So I walked away just long enough to get a buggy. When I got back to the snowflakes there were these two old hags elderly ladies pawwing (is that a word, pawwing? you get the idea...) all over MY snowflakes.

I stood behind them as they discussed all the ways they could use the snowflakes. I inched my buggy a little closer as I listened to them ooo and ahh over the snowflakes. I breathed down their necks as I watched them hold the snowflakes up to the light and admire the prism effect. Finally I just puffed out loud in aggrivation. They got the hint.

They started counting out how many snowflakes they wanted....1....2....3....4....5....6....7....How many are you going to take, lady!!!

I was planning my attack if she took them all. Would I be assertive, aggressive, or pitiful?

Luckily, she didn't take them all. Just almost all. I took all that was left, which were 6.

So after dinner, we headed over to the late show of Twilight.
Good movie, better than the book in my personal opinion. I had taken the book to the beach back in the summer and I struggled to stick with it. Someone had recommended it as a good beach novel, but they didn't tell me it was really geared toward teenagers. I actually never finished the novel.

We were sitting about 10 or 12 rows down from the back, center section in the theater. Well, on the very back row, left section, two little teenage girls decided to catch up on their gossip and giggles during the movie. The whole movie. I found myself periodically turning completely around, glaring at them in the dark (like they could see me!). They were driving me CRAZY!

So as soon as the movie was over, I darted straight back to the two girls on the back row. "Girls, I just want to thank you for talking during the whole show and disrupting the movie. I really, really appreciate it. Congratulations. Good job. Thank you." I literally gave them 2 thumbs up.

Oh my goodness! What a Grinch! I know I didn't! How mean was that!!!! I don't know what came over me! I feel so bad today!


Jennifer said...

Frank!! I loved this story. Sorry i haven't left comments lately, my life's been crazy!!! U kno who this story sounds like, don't you? ME, on Tamoxifen!! Is it time for your shots??

TheiaC said...

Unfortunately Blue Cross dropped my "shot docotr" off their plan, so I'm trying a different route. Guess it ain't working for me, huh??? BaHumBug!

Anonymous said...

I love it! They needed to hear it and you were just the messenger!!!!! Good Job! Loved the Story! Shay