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Sunday, December 14, 2008

But For Because of the Grace of God...

It's late. It's so cold and windy here on top of Lookout Mountain. I brought "the boys" in to sleep in their crates tonight, and I can smell the "stinky dog" aroma drifting in here from the laundry room. "The boys" don't know how bad they smell...they are just happy to be all warm and cozy for the night.

I've just been sitting here pondering all the things going on in the world and around me...Just trying to decide what to write for my blog for the day. If I really told the truth, I would say that what I started to write was that I'm tired and lonely and a little frustrated. But then I remembered....

...somewhere someone is sitting in the hospital at their child's bedside like they did last night and the night before that, and the night before that, and the night before that...that person is tired

...somewhere someone attended the funeral of her best friend today...that person is lonely

...somewhere someone is re-reading his pink slip for the hundredth time. After giving 30 years to the company, this is what he gets...that person is frustrated

What is that old saying? Perhaps I'm misquoting, but it's something like...."But for the grace of God, there go I...." I started to write that old saying, BUT...who is excluded from the grace of God? Isn't it available to everyone? Exhausted parent? Bereaved friend? Displaced employee? TWH house mother?

Misfortune doesn't come to us because God has withheld His grace. I believe grace is made for those of us with trouble, stress, and misfortune! How would we ever make it through our most stressful days without His grace...protecting us, guiding us, refreshing us, reminding us, forgiving us! I will even admit that His grace completely cleans up after me on most days!

So what, then, shall I do?

I must choose to be thankful in all things, remembering the grace that is poured out on me through Jesus Christ.


Deedra said...

Beautiful post, Theia! God's grace cleans up after me most days too! I am so thankful that my ways are not His ways!

Anonymous said...

Theia,What can I do to help? I am encouraged so much just reading your Blog, seeing your faithfulness,your understanding and putting to use what you read and know of God's Holy Word. I wish I was more like you. Love you much, and this comment is just for you.
aunt kathy

Mindy said...

I just ready your sweet note on my blog.....did you know that I am from Lookout Mountain? Over near Cloudland Canyon (On the Georgia side as I usually say).

Also wanted to tell you that there is a steak place in Ft. Payne that is very good. It is one of my dad's favorites and he eats there often -- I really enjoyed it myslef recently.
in HIM -