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Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Idea, BamaSlammer!

I have a Facebook account, and usually I can't figure out how to work the thing. I drives me crazy! Lately people have "tagged me"...whatever that means....with "25 Random Things About Me". Evidently, I am supposed to write 25 little known facts about myself. I can't figure out how to do it on Facebook, so I decided to copy my good friend BamaSlammer and post on my blog instead. So here we go...

1. I have never had a cavity.
2. I have never been to Disney World, which is okay with me because I hate crowds.
3. I only buy white toilet paper if I can help it.
4. I love to use white bath towels.
5. Sometimes I love to fill the kitchen sink up with hot water and Lemon Pine Sol...It's like I can't get enough of that smell.
6. I have tried a zillion times to make cornbread, but it never turns out right.
7. I could eat Chinese food every day, but unfortunately it makes my fingers swell, so I try not to eat it but once a month.
8. I like to blog because I can talk about myself without feeling guilty...nobody is forced to read it.
9. I feel guilty because my dogs need baths.
10. I'm trying to read the Bible cover-to-cover in 2009.
11. I collect loose gemstones.
12. I want to have an essay published in a magazine some day.
13. I wouldn't mind packing my bags and moving to Brooklyn, NY. My first stop would be choir practice at the Brooklyn Tabernacle (check out the video below!). I hope they would let me sing alto...that's the part I sing in my car when I sing along with all my BTC CDs!
14. When I make a pot of coffee, sometimes I drink from that pot for 2 or 3 days...just pop a cup in the microwave and there you go! It's better the 2nd day to me!
15. My car is always messy.
16. I won't stop at a gas station that does not have Pay at the Pump.
17. I sell Mary Kay just so I can get my makeup at cost. Let me know if you need something...friends and family gets a good deal!
18. Aunt Kathy and I nearly lost our lives in the ocean at Destin one time.
19. I can play the piano a little bit, but I'm very out of practice.
20. I've tried to learn to play the guitar, but it just won't happen.
21. Sometimes when I am in WalMart, I want to hit people.
22. I have way too many purses and earrings.
23. I have a secret dream of being a back-singer for a country music star...think Dolly, Alan Jackson, or George Strait!
24. I used to wear my seatbelt all the time. Then I got out of the habit. Now I'm trying to train myself back into the habit.
25. I'm planning to walk in the Throbbing Heart 5K at Goosepond next Saturday. This is a benefit for the American Heart Association.

...pretty random...

Now, consider yourself "tagged". Please leave a comment with at least one random thing about yourself!


Doris H. said...

Regarding #24.....
Please wear your seatbelt all the time. After all, it is the LAW! I know you are a law abiding citizen! Plus, if you could see the pictures of David's van, you would know why you MUST ALWAYS wear your seatbelts! Remember you are setting an example.
AND it could save your life....and that is so precious to so many folks around here!

Mrs. H.

Anonymous said...

Love it! You give me waaayyyyyy too much credit!!! I would love to post photos asap.. but...I am the computer geek in the household.. which is extremly sad! Jason has no clue on what to do.. and he doesnt care about learning either.. kind of like the household budget... As long as there is power it must be getting paid.. I assume he thinks that...:) As soon as I get home from the hospital I will post.. I promise. But I am thinking end of the week... My dr. didnt sound to convincing that she would come quickly... dear lord help me! Love you, Shay

Anonymous said...

I have a MAJOR phobia of public speaking. If I could have mustered up the nerve to take speech at Northeast College, I could have graduated from there.

by-HIS-Grace said...

well wal-mart kind get's the better of me too. Kind of wish the smaller stores were back. Never would have thought of you being uncomfortable in crowds.

Harley said...

Hey Thea Yes i did have a solo and i did great! My teacher and my chorus teacher gave me a huge round of applause. All the popular kids told me to sing at one girls birthday party! it WAS SO KOOL!!!!!

Deedra said...

I love your list! I laughed out loud at the walmart one! I feel the same way!

How do you find out about all these walks? You are a great motivator! I may just have to try one of these myself!