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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guest Writer...Meet Arabian!

Tonight I would like to welcome a guest writer to Read My Thoughts. Meet my friend, Arabian....I hope you will enjoy her story of a good day...Theia
Wut it do my people of fort payne or who`s ever reading this! I hope every body is reading this! My name is Arabian for those who dont know me. Today something happen to me I never thought would happen in some years cuz i thought it was too late and i wasn`t in school . I'm so happy and proud of my self! I got my drivers permit today! Yall i couldnt believe it! I mean i was reading my book from last night till this morning and actually got the courage to go and try for it after i left the doctors office today. Only two days of studying and passed it! I mean i know what chall thinking its common sense duh any body can pass and if you are thinking it you are a hater becuz i probably got mines before you without having to go back hahaha. Oh gotta a lil off track then! But any way... at first I was scared becuz i dont know nothing about the road and driving. i mean im scared of the road, im scared to get behind the wheel of a car, and its like soon as i got my permit my house mom theia said she was gone let me test drive the van. I guess by the time i got my soft copy, i was confident enough to get behind the wheel. Its like i wasn`t scared any more. I got in the car, put my seat belt on, and soon as I heard that click of the seat belt, i was ready to go... still scared at the fact that i only drove one time in my whole life and at that time i had only drove from one street to the next . But it was like when i got on the road, i thought i was doing some thing! I aint gone lie... i was scared when i first pulled off. Then I started getting the hang off it quick. Before i knew it i was backing up, going forward, fixen my wheel, and yes people, that means i was driving! i did good for only drving in the drive way right ha ha ha! don`t hate! i was still drving a vehicle! You probably don't even know what a head light is lol! So it doesn`t matter! Just know that today Arabian Carter can legally, yes legally, get behind the wheel of a heavy mechine, for those who don`t know what that is its a car lol!!!... even though i have to have a licensed driver in the car with me ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Arabian! I remember taking that test, and it wasn't common sense, it was hard girl! Congrats! Best wishes in the future! I hope to see more writings from you!
Adrian (Miss Theia's old roomate)

Anonymous said...

That's the way - Arabia, you'll be a goodd driver and an even greater MOM!