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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Netty Pot Chronicle

More than a year ago I happened upon an episode of Oprah where this doctor demonstrated the use of a Netty Pot. I had never heard of a Netty Pot. All the people on the show just ranted and raved about the benefits using a Netty Pot had upon their sinuses and respiratory system. I rushed out to my local Walgreen's and bought myself a Netty Pot.

I've been a big chicken a bit hesitant about using my Netty Pot. I haven't used my now-one-year-old-and-still-unopened-Netty Pot. Not a single time...

...until last night.

My sinuses have been stopped up, my throat has been sore, and I feel myself going downhill with a winter cold really fast. I'm on a quest for better health with less drugs and medication, so I decided to bite the bullet and drag out the Netty Pot. It can't hurt anything to try, right? Maybe it will help save me a trip to the doctor, no?

Well, I did it. It was an experience, I tell ya, but the Netty Pot was not too terribly disturbing. I really could feel my head/sinuses "open up" after using the Netty Pot. I did it again this morning, and I just might go for one more dose before bed.

What in the world is a Netty Pot? you ask.

I don't think I can write an accurate description.

I would never dare video myself.

I love youtube, you know, so of course I found some freak someone who was willing to video themselves using the Netty Pot. Please be forewarned that this is not for the squeemish!!!

I plan to continue the Netty Pot for a while...will give you and update in a few weeks. So don't go rushing out to your local Walgreen's quite yet.

I repeat...this video is not for the squeemish...if you have a weak stomach, back away now. Nobody will ever know...


shehalljow said...

This post made me laugh out loud! It made me think of when everyone was here for the AU/AL game (oh the heartache) and somehow we were discussing the Netty Pot-I think Linda even brought it up. Joey's reaction-"isn't that illegal!!???" Well I hope you are better-and good luck at the race this weekend-dress warm!

shehalljow said...

Btw-couldn't bring myself to watch the video. Just picturing you and Linda is enough for this weak tummy!

Brooke said...

Well I watched. And laughed. And I'm thinking of getting one. ha
I wonder if I have that Oprah show taped....I saved some of them...was it recently?

Oh and I want all NYC advice you have time to give!!!!

Anonymous said...

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