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Saturday, January 24, 2009

We call that 'The Big-Head'

I can make some very yummy homemade biscuits.

Usually, that is.

I intended this morning to be one of those days. In fact, I decided that today, some of the girls were going to learn to make yummy biscuits too...Whether they liked it or not. Last time's guest-writer, Arabian, was up for it. She peeked over my shoulder. "What's that?....Why you do that?...How much of that you supposed to use?" she questioned.

Oooo, she thinks I'm cool... the sing-song voice in my head delighted as we cut those biscuits out.

I knew I was in trouble when the first two biscuits I cut completely stuck to the cutter like mush. What-the...? What went wrong?

Well, the biscuits turned out okay, but not GREAT. They just didn't fluff up enough, and they were a little dough-ey. They were edible, and nobody complained.

"I'm sorry the biscuits didn't turn out so beautiful. Better luck next time...," I said to them at the breakfast table.

Arabian says to me, kidding of course, "Yea, and you were in there trying to teach me how to make them!"

"You know what the Bible says about that, don't you?" I asked Arabian.

"No, what?"

"Pride goes before a fall..." I said.

"What that mean?"

"You know, like if somebody thinks they're all great and wonderful, they had better watch out."

"We call that 'The Big-Head'" Arabian said.

Well said, Arabian.

I hate when I get 'The Big-Head'.

Whenever I encounter trouble in my life, I can usually trace it back to pride. Unforgiveness of others is rooted in pride. Financial problems are usually rooted in pride. Unconfessed sin is pride. For me, even depression is usually rooted in pride...the self-pity, self-centeredness, and lack of God-focus of it all...it's all pride.

When we are consumed with pride, how silly we must look to Him. He must be saying, "Life would be so simple for them if they would only do what I have told them...forgive their neighbors...give and not covet...confess and repent... seek I AM rather than themselves. But if they insist in pride, they will continue to have these falls again and again..."

"Humble yourselves therefore under God's almighty hand, and in due time, He will lift you up." I Peter 5:6



Anonymous said...

Arabia, you rock girl. that is the best answer I have heard yet for pridefulness. Theia we all seem to fall into a trap of our own making sometimes. Isn't it great that even so God hates pride He always gives us Grace to correct us!

TheiaC said...

True that!