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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I went on a long New Year's Day walk this morning. Wow, it was so windy! I had two layers of pants and two layers of shirts including a hood. The layers kept the cold out, but whoa, the resistance was just "terbel...as Miss Kinney used to say" (a few of you will get that!).

On the last stretch of my exhaustinginvigorating walk, I came across a scene that triggered a whole series of memories. There was a little old man picking up pecans from the sidewalk in front of his house and putting them in a bucket. I noticed that he had one of those little knee boards that he had been using, but at the time he was standing and bending over to pick up the pecans.

He needs one of those things that Aunt Mitty used to have that you use to pick up pecans I thought to myself. Remember that gadget....it had a box-like grabber at the bottom of a long pole. Wow. I haven't thought about that in a long, long time.

Then I thought about how MawMaw Chaffin always used to have brown grocery bags full of pecans...which I always assumed came from Aunt Mitty's house. I really have no idea it that's where the pecans came from or not, but when I was little that's what I assumed.

That led me to remember how amazed I used to be when MawMaw could hold two pecans in her hand and and crack them. I remember trying and trying to crack the pecans myself...but...tough luck. Sigh....

My next stop on memory lane was MawMaw's pecan pies. Oh my, my mouth is watering!

Hey!!! Wait a minute!!! Dad...what happened to that pecan pie that Aunt Marie sent home with you that you promised to bring to Brother's house for Christmas???? I think I need some to celebrate the New Year.


There's something wrong with this picture. I'm walking insheer miserythe cold wind to decrease the size of my end and the walk ends with me lusting for pecan pie.

Stop the insanity!!!


aunt kat said...

Yes there's no pecan pie like MAMA's,and I wanted to go Aunt Mitties to pick up pecans today, but little bit too cold for a stuffy person to get out in that "terble" wind. I admire your gusto to get out and walk anyway and it shows.

Anonymous said...

Hey Theia,

Watch your email. A great pecan pie bar recipe is on the way! A small piece of this recipe will curb that craving for pecan pie. Smaller serving means less calories...but oh, does it ever satisfy that craving!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many pies Luther
(Carl) got that us other kids
didn't know about. hi.