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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I thought I caught a fish...

Friday night I attended the Hope4U Crusade at the DeKalb County Schools Coliseum. The Coliseum was filled to capacity, probably way above capacity. The event was free to the public, and people flocked to hear the messenger of the evening, Rick Burgess of the "Rick and Bubba Show" as well as the worship leader "Big Daddy Weave", a contemporary Christian band that very popular with teens and the twenty-somethings....and maybe a few of us thirty-something, Generation Xer's too!

Rick Burgess did a fantastic job. I couldn't possibly recap the message, but I can say that anyone with ears to hear in that place walked away hearing The Gospel. Any Christian walked away with a powerful challenge. If you've never listened to Rick's testimony, you can watch it in three parts on Youtube Here, Here, and Here.

But why, oh why, did you title this post something about catching a fish? you ask.

That's a good question. I'm so glad you asked.

...back to Big Daddy Weave...

My good friend Alice and I were ushers for the concert...which basically means we were supposed to stand around, smile at people as they came in, direct people to the bathrooms, etc, so we thought... We actually became crowd-control and space-maker workers as the people kept flooding into the Coliseum. We crammed people into every little hole we could find in the bleachers. Whew-wee! What a job! That just stressed me out! So when WE finally had the opportunity to find a seat and enjoy the service, there were no seats to be found. Alice and I just crawled ourselves under a rope at the top of the stairs leading down to the stage area, and sat on the steps next to the stage.

Big Daddy finished playing and Rick took the stage. I looked just below me to my right, and guess what? There sat Big Daddy himself. Hmm. Interesting. There he was, just sitting there on the steps, still holding his guitar, listening to Rick Burgess. Hmmmm.

Well, I listened to Rick. Then I observed Big D. I got back focused on Rick. Then I got side-tracked watching Big Daddy. He wasn't doing anything really. Just sitting there on the steps, holding his guitar, listening to Rick.

Well, I have to say, I kept looking at him because I was trying to get a look at his left hand. Left hand, ring-finger, to be exact. Guess what else? No ring. That's right boys and girls. No ring.
Hey, Big Daddy is Single Big Daddy who can play the guitar and sing! Yes!!! Okay, how am I going to keep Alice away from him?

I focused my attention back on Rick who held my attention for the rest of his sermon.

The service ended eventually, and it was time for the Big Daddy Weave concert.

By that time, most of the stadium seats in the Coliseum had emptied out, so Alice and I made our way up to a more comfortable seating section and began to enjoy the concert. Before long, Alice looked at me and said "Hey, uh, did you notice that Big Daddy isn't married?"

Uh, duh.

"Yeah, I noticed," I replied, rather nonchalantly.

We sat there for a minute. Neither of us talking. Big Daddy just kept on playing his guitar and singing. Sigh...

"Hey, Alice," I said. "You think we can get back stage?"

Alice, quick as a flash of lightening, grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and began to text frantically with both hands as she said "I'm texting Jody!" Well, you should know that Jody Dean is the youth minister at our church who knows everybody and everything, and if anybody could get us backstage, Jody could.

Momentarily she showed me her phone and I read Jody's reply.... He's Married.



Where in the world is you wedding band Big Daddy? You can't be doing that to people! Not cool!

I really thought I had caught myself a fish, but I guess he got away. Better luck next time.

As I was preparing to write this post, I began to search Youtube for a music video of Big Daddy. I really thought an audio/visual aid would help you out here. Then I ran across something interesting. It seems that Big Daddy has launched his own personal health journey. Watch...

Wow. He even has his own 90in09 website.

I think this is for-real. Here's how I know... my own uncertified, unofficial trainer Jerry told me on Friday that Big Daddy was working out at Body Vision in Rainsville on Friday afternoon. Wow. He's working out while he's on tour! You go, Big Daddy!!! You 'da man!

Let's all say a little prayer for Big Daddy tonight! This time next year, he may be changing his name!


Anonymous said...

He is cute! SHAY

by-HIS-Grace said...

great job capturing the crusade on Friday night! Specially for those that could not attend.

Anonymous said...

great job of capturing the crusade pictures, but the link is not working. Would love to hear the message for those who could not attend!

TheiaC said...

OK...try the link now! Thanks for letting me know!!!

Anonymous said...

oh that one I have seen it's the one from his son's funeral. thought you had this crusade on ...