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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BamaSlammer, you're good!

For my good friends who humor me by reading my little blog spot, I need to turn you on to BamaSlammer. I laughed my rear off tonight when I read her post on her grandmother. If you knew BamaSlammer, whom I have known since the 2ND grade but haven't heard her voice in years (thanks to the world wide web), you could appreciate the stories even more. Even strangers, in my opinion will enjoy her posts at http://www.bamaslammer.blogspot.com/. (BamaSlammer, I'm sure you will want to thank me later.)

Today was a good day.

Jessica took her GED exam at Northeast, and I am confident that she did great. She has studied a lot for the test.

I had lunch with my former partner-in-crime Jennifer Hembree (refer to the very first post on this blog for more on this gal a.k.a "Marie"). She staying busy with her family and work but no earth-shattering news from her life.

Congratulations to my good friend Sonia Morales who finished finished nursing school today!

Maggie is recovering from her C-section and hopefully will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Baby Amy is so sweet, such a good baby. She is well.

18 Days 'til the beach!!!

In honor of BamaSlammer...."This is my blog of the day..."

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Anonymous said...

You are so sweet!!!!!!!Thanks for inspiring me! It has been a good outlet for me! love you Shay