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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reviewing "Sisterhood 2"

I watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" today. Loved it. Would go back to the theatre to watch it again. Will probably purchase the DVD.

No, I've never read the book.

Yes, I have seen "Sisterhood 1" but wasn't just crazy about it, but perhaps I just wasn't really paying close attention when I watched. I think I like the second one because the girls are older and dealing with some issues with I am more closely acquainted. There are themes of trust, betrayal, forgiveness and restoration weaved throughout the story. Just beautiful.

Interestingly, contrary to popular Hollywood storylines, the movie demonstrates a harsh and realistic portrayal of premarital "s*x"....

If you get the chance, it's a good mix between drama and modern "Chick-Flick" if that's your thing.

Beach update...1 more day til the beach, boys and girls! It still looks like I'll be spending much of my vacation with tropical storm Fay, but I'm confident that Aunt Kathy and I will have a good week regardless, come rain or shine!

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