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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go East, Old Lady! Go East!

Go East, Old Lady! Go East!
That's all I can say when I watch the Weather Channel.
Tropical Storm Fay is headed straight for Destin, FL. You know it's only 3 days until I'll be at the beach! So far the forecast says it will rain and storm until Thursday.
Oh, Lord, send Fay to Myrtle Beach, Please!!!!!


shehalljow said...

Suppose after your undertow incident last year and the forecasted storm...is the Lord telling you to go North!? The Great Lakes beaches are beautiful!

TheiaC said...

shehalljow, everytime I see your user name, I think it says ShallowHal! The Great Lakes sounds inviting, but the problem with that idea is that our condo in Destin has been paid in full!