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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My dad's side of the family normally has a "covered dish" on the first Sunday of each month. For the month of August, the get-together was moved to the first Saturday of the month as many of the family gathered for a cookout at Dad's house. He was home from working in New Mexico. I was happy to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My brother and his 4 children were there, but my sister-in-law was working.

I'm still learning to add pictures to my blog. I can download the pics, but arranging them with captions in a compact manner is my challenge...

My brother Stacy and his youngest son Grayson 3rd grade)

My cousin Tommy here from Knoxville. He's a funny guy!

Left to right...Piper and Brian, newlywed cousins from Knoxville, Cathy, my dad's friend, and Debbie, my cousin Brandon's wife, also from Knoxville.

Aunt Marie finds a comfy and cool spot to enjoy her burger!

Anna Brooke picks up apples from under the appletree.

My cousin, Amy and her husband, Zach. They have their first baby on the way.

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