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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just a regular day, really...

15 days 'til the beach, just so you know....

Today has been just a regular day, really.

Maggie, the new mommy in the house, is recovering from her surgery just great and is doing a good job caring for her baby. Last night I set my alarm to go off at about the time I thought she should likely be up with the baby (3 a.m.), and she was in fact up. Mommy was dragging a bit today, of course, but she was able to work in a power nap. I'm sure she is going to do just splendid!

It's time for "The World's Longest Yard Sale" again. It began today and goes through Saturday. It begins somewhere in Ohio, I think, and runs 600 miles across 5 states, through our front yard, and ends somewhere around Gadsden. I didn't have the chance to check it out much today, because whenever I was on the road, I was too busy trying not to run over people who parked their cars half-way off the road that were making mad dashes to the sale. I'm sure they wanted to be the first to pilter through the chipped raccoon figurines, half-empty bottles of White Shoulders perfume, rusty hatchets, or boxes full of naked Barbie dolls. TWH is set up along the way to sell grilled hotdogs, popcorn, cokes, chips, etc. I will be helping with that tomorrow, I suppose. I'm sure I'll have some good stories.

I have things to write about, but I haven't made time to get my pics downloaded (or is it uploaded? I'm no good with computer lingo...) from some most recent events....family cookout, birth of new baby Amy Lynn....so stay tuned. Hopefully this weekend I will get after it! I feel like I'm getting behind with my blog! Wait a minute...there's no deadlines here! This is my hobby. Ok, scratch that, if I'm in the mood to, I'll get after it!

And Linda....I know that "pilter" may very well not be a word, but it sounded good to me. So there. I love you too!


Linda said...

I believe the word is "pilfer", which means to steal little things
at different times.

Do not even think of trying to use this in scrabble--you will be challenged and you will lose.

TheiaC said...

Linda, only nerds ask for Scrabble dictionaries for their birthdays anyway....Pilfer...Pilter...You got the meaning via context clues