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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bear

I'm sorry to disappoint my Bama friends, but this post entitled "The Bear" makes no references to Toll Tide, Tuscaloosa, Big AL, Nick Saban, or THE Bear.

I found this website called "The Living Room Candidate" where you can watch presidential political campaign ads from as far back as 1952, It is really interesting. I thought this campaign ad was quite beautiful, yet chilling. Much different than the ads of today, don't you think? Evidently, the Bear represents the Cold War and the lone hunter symbolizes the US.

The earliest memory I have of a president is of Reagan. In fact, most of my childhood was under his leadership. I was 6 when he was elected and 14 when George Bush Sr. was elected.

Funny... a vivid memory just came to mind of mom and dad watching something on TV related to the Carter/Reagan transition. I can just hear mom saying about Nancy Reagan "She getting ready to redecorate the White House." I didn't have a clue then, but I get it now!

Other memories of the Reagan years from a childlike perspective: being terrified of the Soviet Union, mushroom clouds, and all that talk of the "Cold War". What would we do if a bomb hit while we were at school? I believed The President would always take care of us. Why are those people tearing down that wall anyway?

I loved President Reagan.

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