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Friday, September 19, 2008

"The Women": 4 Stars from Me

Linda and I had a fun girls night out. We started with a quiet and satisfying early dinner at Carliles in Scottsboro. I had the Hawaiian Chicken which was good. Carliles has good food, good price, good service, and adecent atmosphere, but it feels a little 80's in there...they need a facelift. It's just a locally-owned little place in Scottsboro, nothing fancy, but it's good.

Then we went to Sally's. I needed some mousse and conditioner, and found it to be my lucky day! My favorite mousse and conditioner was not only on sale, but if you bought 2 items from this particular line of products, you received a FREE bottle of Finger Paints nail polish...also my favorite brand! I love nail polish! Then...more good luck! Linda also bought 2 products from the line and she let me have her free polish! Understand...I didn't have to take whatever colors they gave us for the free polish, and the bottles weren't tiny, gimmick-size bottles. I actually got to go to the Finger Paints shelf and pick out 2 colors and take them home for free! Could life be any better than this?

Next we made it over to the theatre in Scottsboro and watched the newly released movie "The Women", It's full of some of my favorite actresses including Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, the lady that played Murphy Brown and is now on Boston Legal, Will Smith's wife, the girl from Will and Grace (Deb Messing), the Wind Beneath My Wings singer on Beaches, and some more ladies I can't think of.

The Women is interestingly a remake of a movie from the 1930's, trailer above. I came home and checked it out on youtube and found some details to be very similar to the original film. The first movie was based on a play called The Women but I don't recall the playwright.

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. The story was good and held my attention. Language was decent although there were a few curse words scattered throughout, but didn't notice extreme profanities. There is one scene of two ladies smoking pot which was unnecessary. The movie leaned a bit toward the feminist side for me, but not real heavy. No real man-bashing, just more "girl power". In general, I did take away some socially redeeming values that will cause me to think and ponder. I would definitely watch the movie again if the opportunity presents itself. I might would consider buying the DVD.

The night with us dropping in for a Jr. Banana Split for $.99 at Sonic. Perhaps my conscious is bothering me about that part...I feel the need to confess since I have previously whined about SlimFast and exercise this week! A jr. banana split is using moderation, right? Right????

Planning to travel to Ohatchee tomorrow to see the Alexandria Valley Cubs kick some serious booty! Looking forward to that!

Tomorrow is Auburn and LSU. That could be U-G-L-Y, folks!

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