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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Shoes, Sarah!

Okay. I haven't developed this blog to discuss politics. Although I have relatively strong political views, I hesitate to get on any one leader's boat wholeheartedly as people definitely have the potential to disappoint. But I've been watching Alaskan Governor Palin the past few days, and I have to admit that gal just makes me smile. In the wake the the media's announcement of the unwed pregnancy of Palin's teen daughter, I can't stay silent another moment.

A few random thoughts in no particular order....some may be rather shallow, but so what...I am shallow most of the time!

1. Good hair. When I first heard of Palin, I was in the car on the way home from the beach and was unable to see her, only hear details of her on the radio. To be honest, I had pictured in my mind a more robust, not-so-feminine Alaskan moose-hunter who resembled a young Ms. Doubtfire. What a positive surprise to see long, yet conservative hair. I've been trying to grow my hair out for sometime and my goal is to be able to pull it up in a loose ponytail like that. I love it. I hope she keeps her hairstyle. Remember when Hillary first came on the scene with Bill...her bland hair with those stupid headbands. She's improved over the years in the hair department, but Palin's is better in my opinion.

2. Good shoes. Please don't get me wrong, I've been listening to what's coming out of her mouth as well as both the Left and Right-wing commentators as I know the investigative reporters will dig up any- and everything they can, but I can't help but check out her wardrobe. She always has on great shoes. She may wear a good-fitting, conservative black business suit, but she will polish it off with a pair of "don't-start-with-me-or-I'll-kick-your-end" red high heels. I just love it.

3. Okay. So she promotes abstinence and now she has a pregnant 17-year old daughter. So what. She believes the truth, she teaches the truth, and her daughter chose a different route. She's not the first and certainly will not be the last. Let it go people! The statement she and her husband made to the press regarding the pregnancy was most graceful. I particularly liked that she said that she was proud that her daughter decided to have the baby, but that her daughter's news meant that she would have to grow up faster than her parents had ever planned. Well said, Governor! My life currently revolves around pregnant teenagers and that's what it boils down to: They've made the right decision to give life to their baby, but with that decision comes a fast track to adulthood, and that's hard.

4. Then there's the question of her being able to balance motherhood and VP duties. Even more, what if the presidency torch is passed to her? I think it will be incredibly difficult, but it can be done. Her children are likely exceptional much like their mom. I can't help but think that being in the White House would afford great educational benefits to her baby with Down Syndrome and increase awareness of the condition for Down children all over the world.

5. What in the world are you thinking, Gov. Palin in that office shot above? That bear on your couch and the crab on your coffee table? Scary. Whatever floats your boat, sister! You're America's first Woman VP (I hope!) so I guess you can put whatever you want to in your office! Notice once again, red shoes!

6. As much as I love her hair and her red shoes, and her little baby she chose life for, I just love that she stands for the things I stand for.

7. Churches everywhere pray for our country and our leaders....why do we never look expectantly for God to provide government leaders who are salt and light? I hope Palin is one of many that God would use bring restoration to American government!

THE END. period.


Anonymous said...

I am really liking her. I think she is moral, smart, classy, and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love her! Yes, the bear in the picture scares the crap out of me! But I guess if someone took a picture of me with my three black cats surronding me it would scare them too! I like her shoes but I want her glasses to be a little more modern. I find it extremly offensive how the media has handled Sarah and her daughter! I hope women all over the world feel as offended as I do. I am so sick of them saying her "unmarried 17 year old daughter is pregnant". So what! Also if I hear again "How is she going to be V President and raise her family?" Well, like most working women and mothers in the world! I do not recall that ever being a factor when Bill Clinton had Chealsea at the White House. I cant even stomach the negative news coverage anymore. The bottom line is the Ms. Palin deserves a chance to show us what she is made of. Okay these are my true thoughts! I cant resist... Shay