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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For Lauren...

My niece Lauren gets a post just because she wants one. Thus, her nickname "Queen."
One of my favorite memories of Lauren is of once when she was about 5 years old, maybe a little younger. She was up at Mom's house, and I think I was home on break from college. It was in the early spring and the weather was still a little cool outside. Mom, Lauren, and I were outside piddling around in the yard when Lauren commented on all the birds singing. I asked little "WaWa" (another favorite nickname courtesy of Lauren's little sister) what song the birds were singing. Lauren perked up, looked me in the eye, and confidently announced "Hallelujah!" It was just precious!
Lauren, may you always see God in the small things in life!
Love, Theia


Anonymous said...

Glad Wascal Wabbit is on Your blog..I remember a lot more things she said when she was little.. She was spending the nite wit us one night. About 9 pm she decided she wanted to go home, so me and Gran decided to ride her around and let her go to sleep and then we could put her to bed and everything would be ok. So we rode her till she was a sleep and pulled back into the driveway shut of the car and guess what? Wascal Wabbit set up in her car seat and said, "HEY THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE" We had to continue on our trip to Guntersville..

Good Post The


TheiaC said...

You can't get much past her!